Wireless Site Survey Tools and Bar Code Printing for the Transportation Industry

The stakes can be extremely high for companies working in the $700 billion transportation industry. The logistics that go into transporting goods, people, and baggage can be extremely complex and require 100% accuracy.

When your business is constantly moving, you need the assurance only mobile computing and tracking software solutions provide. Our wireless site survey tools, bar code printing, and fully integrated management systems remove human error and expedite the data collection process from direct store delivery to RFID tracking. BCI will provide a transportation and logistic solution you can count on.


zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Courier Perform

From same-day delivery companies to long-haul specialists, couriers across the country are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations by cutting costs, reducing loses and preventing late shipments with our courier tracking solutions.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Waste Services

Airclic’s Service Perform software is a comprehensive, mobile supply chain product that has been designed specifically for the waste services industry. Airclic provides critical insight and documentation of route activities as well as site conditions for improved performance.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Fleet Management

Efficiently manage your fleet to meet the demands of compliance mandates and increased customer service expectations. Combining mobile computer technology with our fleet management applications makes it possible.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Freight Logistics and Tracking

BCI provides software technology products that can automate critical freight processes such as truck inspection, load reconciliation, route management, proof-of-delivery, SLA compliance, real-time inventory management and asset management tracking.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery Solutions (DSD Solutions), will optimize invoice, delivery, inventory, ordering and even settlement processes by combining mobile computers with software applications and portable thermal printers.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Distribution Software

Airclic’s Order Perform distribution software gives your employees the ability to handle administrative tasks during the shipment process. By automating your processes for real-time visibility, tracking and management, you can improve both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Paired with mobile computers and/or printers, workers have the tools they need to validate shipments and fulfill orders on the road.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Picking Solution

Solve inventory management and supply chain challenges with an intuitive and cost-efficient automated mobile picking application to handle the end-to-end material movement of order fulfillment operations.