Waste Management Solutions with Ariclic’s Service Perform

Airclic’s Service Perform® is a comprehensive, mobile supply chain product designed specifically for the waste services industry. Service Perform is a waste management software that provides critical insight and documentation of route activities and site conditions. Service Perform helps to automate waste management by shortening the billing cycle, improving container management, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Equipping drivers with Service Perform means back-office managers have real-time visibility into what is happening on every driver’s route. This includes improving container management and knowledge of site conditions at each customer location. BCI will easily integrate Service Perform with back-office systems, to allow for real-time data collection which will enable an organization to proactively address contract compliance, billing issues, and container management.

Service Perform enables drivers to electronically document route activities and conditions, including:

  • Proof-of-service: “Before and after” photos of containers prior to service and following service with validation provided to customer upon invoicing
  • Service disruptions: Situations when drivers are unable to service the container because it is blocked or otherwise unserviceable
  • Site conditions: Overfilled containers, additional waste around container, contaminated refuse, and the physical condition for each container to identify repair needs
  • Safety: Dangerous conditions that pose a safety threat to the driver or customer, such as a damaged container, low hanging wires, exit or entrance blocks; in addition, drivers can use the solution to document vehicle accidents
  • Enhanced Communication and GPS: BCI can provide the hardware to run the Service Perform Software like the Motorola MC75 which can also be used for voice communication and GPS thus eliminating the need to provide drivers with multiple devices.

Service Perform Delivers Measurable Benefits

Improved container management
  • Easy documentation of new billing events
  • Improved rates of payment collection
  • Accelerated cash cycles
Shorter billing cycles and accurate invoices
  • Reduced costs associated with container loss and fraud
  • Improved analysis of container aging and replacement rates
  • Greater utilization of containers
  • Optimized container inventory
Enhanced customer service & satisfaction
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Proactive service adjustments
  • Improved proof-of-service documentation
Superior performance management
  • Improved driver productivity
  • Greater route optimization
  • Increased on-the-job safety for drivers

Key features and functionality

  • Real-time proof-of-service tracking
  • Dispatch of both scheduled routes and ad-hoc stops
  • Operational reports and alerts
  • Data and business process validation
  • Container tracking
  • Image capture with date, time and GPS stamp
  • Text messaging
  • Mobile device management
  • Interactive map with real-time locations of drivers and activities
  • Productivity and performance reports
  • Enhanced GPS with geofences