Expand Warehouse Visibility With RFID Technology

BCI offers all-in-one RFID software solution for printing, encoding, tracking, inventory, and automating RFID assets throughout organizations. It drives real-time access to information such as inventory, asset location, and automation through hand-held and hands-free RFID readers. Designed on a scalable platform, the RFID solution integrates into a variety of host systems and works with the latest hardware technologies. We have powered innovative solutions in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and retail.

90% of decision-makers expect devices or automation to be involved in completing tasks in the next five years.

Elevate warehouse workflows with Bar Code Integrators to unlock:

  • Versatile data capture for accurate reporting and cycle counts
  • Maximized inventory visibility available on your handheld device
  • Undisrupted productivity during high demand seasons
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RFID + Automated transfer slip

Creating and auditing transfer-slips with RFID technology will improve speed and efficiency by 400%. Forgot to create a transfer slip? Not to worry, the system will auto-detect and auto-create transfer slips, and move items to the new location.

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Print / Encode RFID Tags

You can print or encode RFID tags on the fly using the software dashboard, or via your organization’s existing ERP / WHM / POS software. You can also place one or more RFID tags on the RFID encoder pad, and enter the item number to encode tags for hands-free RFID tracking.

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Inventory and Tracking

The RFID solution is 100% compatible with Fixed RFID readers; you can install Fixed RFID readers at entrance/exit points to monitor incoming and outgoing inventory. Receive real-time alerts if unauthorized assets leave the premises, or if they are detected in unauthorized zones, via audio, email, text, as well as on-screen.

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Asset Tracking

Airclic’s Service Perform software is a comprehensive, mobile supply chain product that has been designed specifically for the waste services industry. Airclic provides critical insight and documentation of route activities as well as site conditions for improved performance.

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