RFID + Automated transfer slip

Creating transfer slips between locations in your data management system is now made super easy and fast with RFID technology. Simply scan-in inventory wirelessly with your mobile handheld RFID scanner, select the destination location and submit. The RFID software automatically creates the transfer slip for you in your system and allows you to print a transfer packing list. At the destination location, the receiver uses a mobile handheld RFID scanner to pull up the transfer slip, and within seconds receives and validates the received goods, quickly highlighting any missing items, and sends an email alert if anything is missing (available in standard edition).

Organizations that have an existing data management and operational software, such as SAP, Oracle, WHM, ERP, or POS can take advantage of the “Push To POS / ERP” button, which populates the transfer slip screen on the existing software (for example, SAP). As a result, both the RFID and the data management software will have the transfer slip data. Alternatively, the transfer slip data can be communicated to the other systems via API or CSV exports.