Get Printing Quality and Performance in Every Industrial Situation With Zebra Label Printers

Many warehousing and manufacturing operations need an industrial thermal printer that can print extremely large quantities of labels every day, sometimes 24/7. They also have to withstand harsh environments where they may be exposed to dust and chemicals as well as the occasional accidental collision.

The solution – is a Zebra thermal label printer.

Zebra Technologies is an industry leader that is well known for its reliable, high-quality label printer line. Their products are specifically engineered to last in highly demanding industrial environments. Zebra’s industrial thermal printers are the workhorses of the thermal printing industry. They are known to have been running strong for 5+ years in a variety of warehousing and manufacturing operations.

Getting the Most Out of Your Zebra Printers

For most operations when a printer goes down it could equate to lower productivity levels which can increase costs and potentially lose clients due to delayed orders. There are many tactics that can be implemented to ensure the continued operations of your printers. The easiest three things you can do to ensure proper operation are:

* Use high-quality labels and ensure you use the proper material for your printer and application
* Need a site/depot thermal printer repair service provider? We have you covered
* Perform the recommend routine maintenance and cleaning outlined in the printers owner’s manual

Genuine Zebra Supplies are manufactured by Zebra specifically for Zebra printers and will extend the life of all Zebra printers. Many times poor quality labels and ribbons can be the source of a thermal printer maintenance issue. If you are unsure of which product/media to order/use, please Contact us at (847) 615-2933 ext. 503 and we will walk you through the media selection process.

You can receive FREE PRINTHEADS for the entire life of your Zebra Printers by buying Zebra Supplies with Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program.

BCI provides both thermal barcode printers on-site and depot repair services for all Zebra thermal printers and most other major brands. Please Contact us at (847) 615-2933 ext. 503 if you would like to know more about our printer repair services.