Manufacturing Data Collection Solutions – Barcode & Label Printers Systems

BCI manufacturing solutions combine high-performance hardware and software that enable Work-In-Process (WIP) and lot tracking while simultaneously increasing the power and reach of your existing manufacturing systems. This helps to simplify the implementation process and minimize the impact on production.

tool crib tracking in action

Tool Crib Tracking

Wireless data collection, RFID technology and barcoding solutions are commonly used for tool crib tracking applications. This provides an efficient and cost-effective method to track circulating assets and consumable inventory.

ePedigree Track and Trace in action at pharmaceutical manufacturer

ePedigree Track and Trace

Evolving regulations require pharmaceutical manufacturers to use track and trace technology to monitor every step a drug takes prior to sale. ePedigree track and trace technologies help manufacturers remain compliant without slowing production.

wip tracking in action

WIP Tracking

With barcoding solutions, RFID technology or a combination of both, WIP tracking provides vital manufacturing data in real-time. This gives visibility into the manufacturing environment by providing valuable data to station and machine operators.

manufacturing rfid in action with package tracking

Manufacturing RFID

Enhance your bar code inventory system with RFID technology. Integration of RFID into manufacturing operations can help your business optimize material and parts inventories, track work in process, minimize production downtime, and maintain optimal labor output.

picking solution in action

Picking Solution

Solve inventory management and supply chain challenges with an intuitive and cost-efficient automated mobile picking application to handle the end-to-end material movement of order fulfillment operations.