Bar Code Integrators, Inc. (BCI) began in 1992 as a very small company in the suburbs of Chicago with one employee, President, Tony Schultz and one client, Abbott Labs. Due to BCI’s success with Abbott Labs, the company was able to grow and continually expand its client base, and increase its value to customers. Abbott Labs is still a valued client of BCI today and has referred a great deal of companies to BCI. Today, Tony has helped BCI grow into a company with over 5 experienced engineers and a dedicated sales and project management staff with over 100 years of combined industry experience. BCI specializes in design and integration for bar code, RFID, and wireless data collection systems. BCI has successfully designed and implemented systems for Fortune 100 companies who are leaders in the pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing and distribution industries.

The Development of Warehouse Vision

W.W. Grainger became a client of BCI in 1995. As a result of our success on various projects, BCI took its services the next level. To meet the numerous requirements of W.W. Grainger’s warehousing and distribution operations, BCI developed an extensive software package, Warehouse Vision. Warehouse Vision was designed to automate inventory slotting, profiling and inventory maintenance. Over time, as demanding requirements increased, Warehouse Vision was enhanced and expanded. In 2003, Warehouse Vision was introduced to the market as a comprehensive warehouse slotting software solution. Tied to BCI’s extensive professional services relative to warehouse planning and optimization, companies such as PepsiCo and CVS have been able to experience the tremendous benefit that once belonged solely to W.W. Grainger.

A Glance at BCI Today

BCI is a complete systems integrator. BCI provides label printing, bar code, RFID, and wireless data collection software, hardware, and integration services. Offerings include, but are not limited to mobile terminals, wireless infrastructure, enterprise mobility, warehouse software, bar code scanners, printers, labels and ribbons.

Our wide base of clients include CVS/pharmacy, PepsiCo, Abbott Labs, APL Logistics, W.W. Grainger, Baxter Healthcare, and many others. BCI’s success has been achieved by listening to and working closely with our clients to assess their exact needs and designing systems to meet those requirements.