Warehouse Slotting is Critical in Increasing Space Utilization and Improving Warehouse

WarehouseVision is a powerful warehouse slotting software tool that optimizes product placement in warehouses and distribution centers in such a way that operational productivity and safety, as well space utilization are significantly improved. Studies show that warehouse capacity can be improved by up to 40% with proper warehouse slotting optimization tools and techniques.

WarehouseVision is more than a simple warehouse slotting software application, it is an integrated set of warehouse optimization and management tools that can be interfaced with virtually any Warehouse Management System (WMS). While WMS software can orchestrate the inbound and outbound operations, they have very limited capabilities in the planning or management of a facility's utilization. WarehouseVision provides a bridge between existing WMS capabilities and the effects of warehouse slotting. As the cost to build new facilities rise, there is a growing pressure on warehouse operations to efficiently manage ever growing inventories with proper warehouse slotting.