XMLReady printers from Intermec provide an easy way to barcode enable your Oracle MSCA/WMS, SAP Auto-ID infrastructure, or other compatible systems. Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership, by bypassing middleware, as printers are ready for XML printing out-of-the-box.

Easy to Use

Users will appreciate the easy way to implement barcode printing and the extensive barcode support. This is done without the need to learn printer command languages, or making special development, or use barcode libraries or barcode fonts.

XML Printing

XML printing is available for a wide range of Intermec printers. An XMLReady printer will print directly from an XML printing-compatible system. No need for additional software or middleware

XMLLabel™ is “plug-in” software for Intermec’s LabelShop® PRO, which adds the interface for the XML printing compatible system. XMLLabel creates label files that are stored on your XMLReady printer.

Label Templates

Use predefined standard label templates, or create your own custom labels with an easy to use graphic design tool. Download the labels to all the printers on the network in a single simple process.

Simple 3-step process to create labels for your XML printing compatible system:

  • Design the label in LabelShop and run the Wizard to store the output file in an XML-compatible file format.
  • Distribute the files to the printers on the network, in a single step, thru the Label Loader utility.
  • Define the printer in the host system and print it on your XMLReady printer.