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Welcome To WoundRounds

WoundRounds is unique wound care software and a product of Telemedicine Solutions LLC. WoundRounds is a point-of-care mobile wound care management solution designed by physicians specifically for Long Term Acute Care and pressure ulcer management. WoundRounds will enhance wound documentation, prevention, and wound management. WoundRounds runs on a hand-held mobile device which will eliminate paperwork by allowing nurses to bring the device to the bedside. Nurses can use devices such as the use camera-enabled Motorola MC55A0-HC, to easily capture clinical data and images at the bedside for improved wound tracking. WoundRounds turn data into useful information that users can then access and download as clinical documentation and reports. Nurses can monitor wound healing trends 24/7 and even request remote Telemedicine consultations over the Web. WoundRounds is built for the MDS 3.0 requirements and saves time by automating MDS reporting and other wound documentation procedures.

WoundRounds not only improves wound tracking and prevention but is MDS 3.0 compliant wound care software.

WoundRounds — Bedside Point of Care Solution (POC) – Featuring the Motorola MC55 Mobile Computer

Superior Wound Care Management

WoundRounds is electronic documentation and wound tracking solution that enables hospitals and nursing homes greatly reduce facility-acquired pressure ulcers and improve wound tracking procedures.

Capturing complete, accurate documentation at the bedside enables healthcare providers to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, minimize risk and liability, and maximize reimbursements for wound care.

WoundRounds is comprehensive wound management software that incorporates tools, technology, and clinical process based on best care practices. Modern communications tools are used to capture complete, accurate data at the bedside; internet-enabled technology is used to aggregate and store the information in a secure database and make the information readily available to all caregivers in a usable format. This wound management software and training reinforce the adoption of “best care” practices.

WoundRounds™ is innovative wound care software that is improving wound tracking, prevention, documentation, and management. Designed by clinicians to support clinical decision-making, WoundRounds improves wound care by incorporating reminders and alerts, the Braden scale, and clinically validated tools and best practices for wound assessment, prevention, documentation, and management.

Automate Clinical Documentation

  • Minimize risk and liability.
  • Improve the quality of patient care.
  • Increase nursing productivity.
  • Improve communication and collaboration.

Generate Increased Revenues by:

  • Reducing re-admissions.
  • Maximizing reimbursements.
  • Increasing referrals.