Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Installation

Installing your company’s wireless local area network is a delicate procedure. This process begins with a site survey, taking into account access point locations, network security, and the building layout itself. Trust Bar Code Integrators, Inc to make your WLAN installation successful.

Wireless Analysis and Site Surveying

Planning is the most important part of the installation process, and it’s what sets us apart from other companies in this area. We have a staff of trained and professional engineers, and we conduct a detailed site survey to gather every detail about your building or network space. This is extremely vital, as wrong installations in complex spaces may cost thousands for companies to repair or replace. We would never recommend a wireless installation to be completed without first conducting a proper survey with the most advanced technology and tools.

This site survey becomes especially important for large companies with suitably large work areas. You need to know that there won’t be dead areas in your coverage, and that comes down to the best and most efficient placement of access points (APs). We also take wireless network security into account during this phase, because the privacy and safety of your confidential information needs to be considered from the very first step to ensure complete protection.

WLAN Hardware



After the site survey, our engineers will calculate the optimal plan for your business, and deliver a comprehensive report which will serve as the ultimate blueprint for your successful wireless network installation. This report will detail the best placements of APs, the most efficient antenna configurations and cabling layouts, and all other pertinent information you need to know. After this plan is approved, our engineers arrive at your location and completely install your new WLAN. This process is professional and fast, even if your business requires a large-scale deployment.

After the appropriate hardware has been introduced, we put the strength of your new connection through rigorous testing procedures that ensure you have network access across your entire facility. This prevents weak coverage and no coverage areas from slowing your business down. This inspection also identifies security concerns and shuts them down before any serious problems have a chance to pop up. Our thorough inspection will prevent over-allocation and interference, so your WLAN will out-perform its competition on every level.

Software Configuration and Final Installation

The final steps in our comprehensive WLAN install plan have to do with the proper and thorough inspection of each and every physical device. We also go through and configure your software for you, optimizing the settings and taking care of all the complicated setups. Finally, we analyze things one last time, just to ensure your wireless installation has been completed to your total satisfaction. We answer your questions about coverage, performance, and network security, leaving you competent and confident in your wireless local area network.

Bar Code Integrators, Inc is ready to get started on your new WLAN right away- no matter your size, no matter your scope, no matter your security needs, we give you the coverage your business demands. Whether you’re located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, or more- call us at 847-615-2933 today to start our easy setup process, or email us with the contact form below.

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