Speakeasy Voice Picking Software by Wavelink

Speakeasy is Voice Picking Software that is used in a warehouse for order picking procedures and allows workers to transfer data directly to the WMS Warehouse Management System with their voice. Warehouse workers wear headset and microphone connected to a mobile computer terminal (corded or blue tooth wireless) to receive instructions by voice, and verbally confirm their actions back to the system. The wearable computer, or voice terminal, communicates data with the MWS Software via a radio frequency (RF) local area network (LAN).

Voice Picking Systems are the most common use of voice technology in the warehouse environment. Most people are familiar with voice technology in phone applications and a common opinion is that it is inefficient and they need to repeat themselves often. Wavelink’s Speakeasy Voice Picking Software is much more advanced than what is used in common phone applications. Unlike software used in phone applications, Speakeasy voice-picking software can remember the user’s voice, and work very effectively with varying accents and languages. Warehouse operations will experience a valuable improvement in productivity and accuracy from Wavelink’s Voice Pick Technology.

Speakeasy warehouse voice technology software is sophisticated and user-friendly allowing users can to extend beyond applications like voice picking and improve business processes outside the four walls, in areas such as mobile inspections, field services, and yard management.

Using Speakeasy Voice Picking Software has been proven to deliver 99% accuracy and up to a 15% improvement in productivity to warehouse applications from data entry, to voice picking and put away. Voice Picking Systems also dramatically improve safety by allowing workers to work in hands and eyes-free environment.

Speakeasy Voice Picking Software Benefits

  • Increase accuracy to 99.9% plus.
  • Increase productivity by up to 15%.
  • Reduced Costs – no need to print picking documents.
  • Hands-free & Eyes free – makes picking easier and quicker and improves safety.
  • Reduced training – verbal prompts are easier to follow and learn.
  • Many More Benefits.

Speakeasy’s Voice Picking Features

100% client-side processing – No transmission of voice processing information over wireless LAN. Reduced network traffic.

No server revisions required – The only warehouse voice-picking software for terminal emulation implemented through scripting on the mobile device

Speaker independent – Speakeasy utilizes a powerful and proven speech recognition engine eliminating the need for voice profiles. Making for easier to implement voice picking systems.

Customizable to specific needs – With the Wavelink scripting engine, on-screen text or custom phrases are vocalized through the emulation screen. Further customizable elements include vocabularies, languages, and voices.

Flexible mobile device options – Many voice-picking software implementations require the use of specialized, voice-only mobile devices. Speakeasy runs on a wide variety of voice-capable mobile devices that support multiple applications and multiple input types.

Many more additional features