Warehouse Data Collection & Bar Code Printer Systems

The demands on today’s warehouses are increasing by the minute. Identifying and navigating these demands can make or break your business. Thousands of warehouses rely on BCI to work with their business in identifying ways to add efficiency, reduce cost and maximize operational performance. From navigating OS and terminal emulation migrations to identifying the right label and ribbon combination to eliminate chargebacks, BCI is ready to develop and integrate the right solution for your unique needs.


warehouse management system in action


BCI will ensure that the implementation of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides improved accuracy, reduced labor costs, and better customer service by reducing cycle times.

warehouse slotting in action

Warehouse Slotting

BCI developed a Warehouse Slotting Optimization Solution that increases space utilization and warehouse operations.

warehouse rfid scanning

Warehousing RFID

In warehousing operations, RFID technology can be utilized in several ways collectively with existing systems and other automated identification and data capture technologies.

voice recognition in action

Voice Recognition

The most common application of Voice Technology in a warehouse environment is voice picking. This is mainly due to the improved accuracy and productivity that voice technology brings to order picking procedures, resulting in a fast return on investment.

mobile printing in action for transactions

Mobile Printing

Wireless mobile printing can build on the benefits of bar code and RFID technology and improve efficiency even further. Portable thermal printers can be used for bar code and RFID labeling on demand in the warehouse or out in the field.

picking solution in action

Picking Solution

Solve inventory management and supply chain challenges with an intuitive and cost-efficient automated mobile picking application to handle the end-to-end material movement of order fulfillment operations.