Case Studies


A leading Industrial Supply Distributor uses WarehouseVision to slot over 400 of their branches around the US. The size of these branches ranges from 5,000 sq. ft. to 76,000 sq. ft., and they contain as many as 50,000 SKU’s. Implementation is managed by a centralized Branch Services Group.

The Branch Services Group uses WarehouseVision to process a given branch’s warehouse inventory file. WarehouseVision then calculates placement of the SKU’s into proper locations to minimize the space required and to maximize the productivity of the branch warehouse operations. WarehouseVision is able to process as many sites as needed from one copy of the software.

After processing, Branch Services is also able to utilize WarehouseVision to create a Bill of Material for required racking. This automated feature saves considerable time in the procurement process for the racking and ensures the correct purchases for the ultimate implementation of the optimized branch storage configurations and product placement.

WarehouseVision is not only used to slot and optimize new branches, but Branch Services also uses WarehouseVision to slot and optimize retrofits within existing branches. In some cases, slotting of existing branches includes new racking for a fully optimized environment, and in other cases, productivity is optimized utilizing already existing racking, thus minimizing capital expenditures while still gaining efficiency.

Optimization of branches has led to as much as 50% reductions in capacity! In one case, a branch operating with product in the aisles and in outside branch storage was reduced to about 65% capacity while also optimizing for productivity at the same time!!