Harness the Power of Voice Picking Technology
for Optimized Warehouse Automation

Increase warehouse workforce efficiency and productivity
with advanced voice technology hardware and speech-based solution

Voice picking while hands full

Fast and Accurate Picking with Almasons GiNi

Almasons GiNi Voice is a speech-based picking software, also referred to as pick-by-voice and voice-directed warehousing (VDW). Being hands-free, eyes-free system and voice prompted, it is easy to direct warehouse operators to picking locations and to instruct them in picking tasks. The state-of-the-art voice-picking technology conveys voice prompts from the WMS to workers in their preferred language. The system also translates spoken responses into the WMS as digital confirmations. With Almasons GiNi Voice, your employees work with a hands-free device that keep their hands and eyes focused at the task at hand.

Organizations at first used these solutions to improve picking operations with voice-only technology. However, today’s voice-directed applications often combine matching technologies like barcode scanning or RFID. What’s more, they now help automate any manual, hands-on process in the warehouse. For example, receiving, refilling, cycle count, sortation, put away, packing, cross-dock, loading, etc.

The GiNi Performance Intelligence module, on the Almasons GiNi software portfolio, tracks and reports workforce performance, and presents analytics data, dashboards and heatmaps for supervisor reviews.

GiNi utilizes a configurational approach to avoid expensive enterprise system Custom Programming, allowing workflow extensions and systems integration work to be completed within a few weeks.


woman using scanner in warehouse for inventory
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Maximize precision, minimize distractions
  • Device & platform agnostic
  • Reduce employee training time
  • Significant improvement in employee safety
  • Lower attrition
  • Cost-effective
  • Seamless WMS & ERP integration
  • Real-time KPI visibility and reporting
Boosted productivity during high demand
10% to 30% Increased Productivity
Maximized inventory visibility via your handheld devices
10% to 90% Reduction of Errors
Intelligent pick routes that diminish inefficient labor
Up to 50% Reduced Training Time
Digitized data capture for accurate reporting and cycle counts
15% to 30% Turnover Reduction
Cost-effective upgrades that streamline vital warehouse workflows
5% to 20% Reduced Safety Incidents

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Increase picking efficiency and accuracy with voice solutions

Empower your workforce with voice technology to help them pick and pack accurately, efficiently, and safely.


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