Thermal Printer Repair and Maintenance

BCI offers thermal printer repair services, either on-site or in-house, in cities across the country, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Mobile and Atlanta. Thermal printers for barcode printing are used in a wide variety of industrial, educational, retail, and healthcare-oriented environments. Many people depend on thermal printers working steadily to keep all systems in motion. If one aspect of your business system fails, the whole thing goes down, and that will cost your company time and money. While the average consumer may not be aware of how extensively thermal printing is used, industry professionals know that it’s vital in packaging, labeling, shipping, patient identification, and plenty more. So if you are in need of a working thermal printer, and you can’t wait around for the repair, give us a call.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Fix Your Printer Problems

What happens when your thermal printer breaks? Trying to repair it yourself could void your warranty and potentially worsen the problem. Thermal printers are delicate devices and any kind of tampering without knowing what you’re doing could damage the device more extensively. You don’t want to risk turning a quick fix into the need to repair or replace the entire unit!

BCI has a full staff of experienced thermal printer repair technicians who can come to your site and either fix the printer on-location, temporarily replace it and repair the unit, or even fix it from a distance with the help of technology. Is your printhead mechanism worn out? Have you exhausted your feed roller? Is a circuit or sensor fried? Our technicians have the answers – and the fixes – you need to repair it.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Thermal Printer Repair Nationwide

BCI’s main office and headquarter is located in Libertyville, IL – just north of Chicago and south of Milwaukee, WI. With satellite offices in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast US region, we are able to offer our premium on-site service to any facility within at least one hundred miles of our offices at a very reasonable price. If you’re located throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, Indiana or Florida, we can bring our expert repair services directly to you. 

Located outside of our service range? Don’t worry, we have depot centers and contract technicians in most major cities across the United States. No matter where you’re located, we’ll be able to reach your business and help you out of your printer jam. With our maintenance plans, you could be looking at a 50-100% increase in the lifetime of your printer, and far less downtime with our exchanges program.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

The Best Fix You Can Find

Lots of technicians and companies claim to be talented at repairing electronics in general, but when it comes time to fix thermal printers, that’s simply not true. At BCI, we train our engineers thoroughly, and we’re a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP), meaning one of the leading brands of thermal printers recognizes our expertise. And we service all brands, including Zebra, Honeywell/Intermec, Datamax O’Neil, SATO, TSC, Printronix, and more.

When it comes to a device that’s critical to your business, don’t put your faith on just any company. Entrust it to the best. Thermal printers are what we do. Call a business with integrity – contact BCI today, in Chicago, Milwaukee, Tampa, Orlando, Miami or Mobile, and nationwide.