Teklynx Sentinel

Add label printing to your existing system! SENTINEL seamlessly runs in the background of your system as a low-maintenance program and gives you the ability to centrally print on hundreds of printers all at the same time. This makes SENTINEL simply the best solution for Automated Enterprise Label Printing.

Key Advantages:

Flexible: Integrates with multiple systems and prints to multiple printers across your enterprise environment.

Scalable: SENTINEL can grow with your business by enabling you to quickly and easily add clients and printers to your existing network.

Accurate: Combined with CODESOFT, you will get precise WYSIWYG results from the screen label design to the printed labels.

Efficient: You will save time and prevent errors by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.

Low Maintenance: Once SENTINEL is installed and configured, it requires little to no manual support.

SENTINEL Software Features:

Automated: Once data is received by SENTINEL, the application will take care of the rest of your printing process with no need for human intervention.

Centralized: Manages your entire print process from one central location, eliminating the need for multiple print stations.

Multi-Threaded: Gives you the ability to print to multiple printers on your network at one time.

Data Capture: If you can send data to SENTINEL, the application will print it. SENTINEL can read virtually any type of text-based flat file, parse the data, and print it.