Teklynx LabelNet

Is LABELNET right for you? LABELNET is designed for:

  • Companies who print labels at multiple locations.
  • Companies who are required to meet compliance standards for product labeling.
  • Companies that have a set of labels that must be printed each time a product is produced.Companies with high turnover in their production staff.

LABELNET is a user-friendly, configurable web interface that controls workflow access to production labels and the ability to print from network-accessible workstations. The interface is entirely server-based, eliminating client installs and IT overhead.

  • Reduces user errors and increases efficiency by focusing user input on only the information needed to complete a task
  • Completely configurable to enforce your business processes – access can be controlled at the work order, workstation, and product-level
  • Helps meet 21 CFR Part 11 and other compliance requirements by tracking print history and label access across the organization
  • A simplified user interface helps you get users up and running quickly with minimal training

The application pulls key printer and label data from the LABELNET database, such as printer names, work orders, and product information, and displays it in the web interface. When the user prints a label, the information is processed via SENTINEL, LABEL ARCHIVE, and CODESOFT before it is sent to the printer. This ensures that the label designs are consistently used and an audit trail is generated.

Watch the LABELNET video!