Teklynx IDEAM

Data Collection Application Development Software for Mobile Computing and Mobile Enterprise Applications

Improve and accelerate decision-making and increase efficiency within your business using mobile applications powered by IDEAM. Capture and receive data from anywhere in real-time! IDEAM is a device-independent mobile application design tool with a server component capable of connecting Windows Mobile devices to back-office data in real time. IDEAM allows you to quickly design modify and deploy scalable data collection and mobile enterprise applications using wizards and the drag-and-drop design interface.

IDEAM Mobile: Quick Specs

  • Microsoft “Works with Windows Server 2008” Designation
  • For Windows 2000, XP, or Windows Server 2003
  • Create a platform-independent data collection and label printing applications for mobile devices
  • Form-based drag-and-drop development environment allows you to quickly create user interface screens using IDEAM’s powerful yet user-friendly toolset
  • Generate device-independent applications for the most popular device platforms, including Pocket PC 200x and Windows Mobile 5
  • Print labels designed in CODESOFT – directly from a mobile device

Simplified Application Development…

Developing an application using IDEAM Mobile offers many advantages over development using native C/C++ and traditional development tools or device manufacturer-supplied interface toolkits. Simply drag and drop application objects onto your screens to design an application without complex programming. IDEAM Mobile gives you the ability to create actions and assign them to run when triggered by an event, enabling you to create sequences of actions instead of program logic.

IDEAM Server: Quick specs

  • Microsoft “Works with Windows Server 2008” Designation
  • Robust, hardware-independent communication server for real-time data collection solutions
  • Supports WiFi, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, and batch communication with mobile devices
  • Easily integrate data collection and barcode label printing into enterprise-wide applications