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Advanced RFID, Wireless Data Collection & Barcode Solutions That Are Easy to Implement

Bar Code Integrators, Inc. provides fully integrated wireless data collection, RFID, and  bar code solutions for a wide variety industries in markets across the country. We not only provide all the equipment needed for a fully integrated system, we also have engineering experts that can put it all together for you.

For more than two decades we have provided clients with measurable ROI by successfully implementing finished goods, asset tracking and Work in Process (WIP Tracking) solutions. These systems provide so much value that our first client, Abbott Labs, continues to work with us to this day.


Automated Data Collection Solutions for Every Industry

Automated data collection solutions can be applied to virtually any industry. Popular solutions include WIP tracking, asset tracking and warehouse slotting. Each solution we devise is different depending on the specific needs of the end user. BCI is here to work with you one-on-one to meet your company’s exact needs and goals.

Warehouse Slotting Software

Make your Warehouse Feel Bigger
Prevent Costly Expansion
Slotting Optimization by BCI

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