Software Application Development and Custom Programming

At times during bar code, RFID, and wireless integration projects, a custom program or application is more cost-effective and better suited to a company’s needs than any off-the-shelf software package. In order to meet the specific needs and budget of a given company, BCI’s engineers have provided custom barcodes and RFID application development. A recent custom bar code application development project involved custom programming to scan a Driver’s License and parse that information into a certain application form. Whatever your need may be BCI will work within your budget and find a way to meet your exact needs. If custom programming or RFID application development is needed then BCI’s engineers are up to the challenge.

BCI offers customized programming for data collection solutions. Solutions can be developed from scratch or customized from existing software solutions. Our programming staff is proficient in Visual Basic, .NET, MCL, and a variety of other industry-standard development platforms. Custom applications provide value by automating data collection, storage, and communication.

Contact BCI today to discuss your integration project. If your solution calls for custom programming or bar code and RFID application development, then we are up for the challenge.