BCI’s Engineering Services for Bar Code, RFID, and Wireless Integration Services

The main difference between BCI and other bar code companies is that our Engineering Team sets us apart. We can do so much more than just ship bar code hardware off in a box. We are able to provide a variety of different professional services to ensure that any data collection project is a success. A BCI account manager will typically prepare a project proposal that details all included professional services. BCI’s services are listed below and can also be purchased ‘a la carte’ as needed.

Understanding BCI’s Project Methodology

The implementation of complex systems will bring significant change to an organization. These changes will impact the business in a number of different areas from policies, to processes and procedures. Without proper preparation and action, these changes can negatively impact an organization. The many activities of a complex system rollout MUST be coordinated and executed properly to ensure efficient and successful integration. Our services have evolved over many years of successful implementations. Our engineering services are a critical aspect of our company’s success.

BCI is committed to enhancing the information systems of our customers with the use of automatic data capture technology. We have numerous examples of our expertise in the design, development, and implementation of bar code-based solutions. References to our excellent work will be provided upon your request.