Serviceable Barcode Printer Brands

BCI is capable of fixing any brand or type of barcode printer- no matter how big or small, no matter what it’s used for or where it is, there’s no job that we can’t handle. Our technicians are trained with electronics in general and various barcode printer brands specifically and have fixed every imaginable error, glitch, and malfunction you can think of. Some of the most popular brands include…

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Zebra Technologies

In business since 1969 as Data Specialties Incorporated, the Zebra Technologies Corporation is one of the leading brands of thermal printers in the nation. Zebra specializes in printer components and RFID supplies & consumables. This brand also certifies repair companies- and we’re proud to say that BCI is a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Datamax O’Neil

Honeywell recently acquired thermal printer company Intermec, but not to worry- we service printers made under both labels. Read more about Honeywell/Intermec thermal printer repair…

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Honeywell / Intermec

Lots of technicians and companies claim to be talented at repairing electronics in general, but when it comes time to fix thermal printers, that’s simply not true. At BCI, we train our engineers thoroughly, and we’re a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP), meaning one of the leading brands of thermal printers recognizes our expertise. And we service all brands, including Zebra, Honeywell/Intermec, Datamax O’Neil, SATO, TSC, Printronix, and more.

When it comes to a device that’s critical to your business, don’t put your faith on just any company. Entrust it to the best. Thermal printers are what we do. Call a business with integrity – contact BCI today, in Chicago, Milwaukee, Tampa, Orlando, Miami or Mobile, and nationwide.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer


SATO was founded in 1940 and is listed publicly in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s first section. This brand has offices in over 20 countries and has numerous offices throughout the United States of America, as well.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer


In business for over twenty years, TSC produces thermal bar code label printers and is an industry leader in Taiwan. They’re one of the four most common brands of thermal printers in the USA, as well.

zebra mc9300 ultra rugged mobile touch computer

Every Barcode Printer Brand

Do you have a barcode printer from a less common brand? No need to worry. All printing devices are made with the same principles in mind, and while those may be complex in some situations, our technicians are more than capable of providing quality service, even if your printer is from Intermec, Printronix, or any other manufacturers and brands out there. Our service technicians and engineers will provide the absolute best work for your dollar, either at your location, via our depot repair service, or from a distance. Just like you, we run our business on integrity and are ready to help you succeed. For fast and prompt thermal printer repair, of all brands.