Thermal Printer Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans

Some businesses may be content with taking their printer in to get repaired if and when it breaks down. These businesses likely don’t have printers in mission-critical applications, so being without a thermal printer for a short time isn’t the end of the world for them. These businesses can call us up and expect fast service, as you’d expect. However, other businesses use multiple thermal printers every day for important aspects of work, and if there’s a problem with one printer, the entire workflow can be interrupted, or even stopped. Basic thermal printer maintenance may come in handy sometimes, but you can’t count on it for every problem. If you need your printer for packaging and labeling hundreds of thousands of shipments every day, you just can’t afford to have one break. Thermal printers are also being used more and more in hospitals and the healthcare industry. A mistake or a broken piece of vital machinery in a hospital is no joke. These businesses need plans that work as hard as they do. BCI offers annual service plans and maintenance contracts that are valuable and cost-effective. You can choose from our two standard service contract types, on-site and depot, or customize your own.

Getting a maintenance plan increases the life of your printer by 50-100%. With our exchange program, it also means far less downtime. Sometimes, our technicians can even help diagnose simple problems remotely via photographs and picture messages.

On-Site Thermal Printer Service Contracts

Your specific contract details will vary depending on the exact needs of your business. Standard features of on-site service contracts usually include the following features:

On-site service throughout the entire USA
Unlimited number of repairs
Unlimited travel time and labor
Unlimited parts replacement, excluding only printheads
As little as 4 hour response times, depending on location
Contracts tailored to meet your other unique needs

This service contract usually works best for companies that have the most printers in the most critical applications. Since our technicians will come to you, this is also very appropriate for healthcare centers, scientific laboratories, and other cutting-edge locations that may have customized printer configurations. These configurations may be adversely affected if the printers were removed and taken off-site, which is why our on-site service is so effective.

Depot Thermal Printer Service Contracts

The exact details of your contract will again depend on your business needs, but the following are the most common features of our depot maintenance plans:

Printers are inspected, fully repaired, and cleaned
Most printers can be repaired and shipped back to you on the same day
Turn-around time never exceeds ten days
Contracts tailored to meet your other unique needs

This maintenance plan is best for companies that have their own in-house spare thermal printer pool. This may be more appropriate for companies with printers in applications that aren’t as mission critical as the above plan. Customers are responsible for their own shipping costs, so expedited shipping is your decision.

Customized Thermal Printer Service Contracts

In many cases, a hybrid service plan is more suited to the needs of a customer than either the on-site or the depot plans. If that’s so, we can combine aspects from both into a specially-tailored plan made just for your business. Features of these custom plans include:

On-site service when needed in specified locations
Depot service for non-mission-critical printers
A BCI-managed spare printer pool
Online asset management system

The BCI spare printer pool is purchased by the customer and maintained by the expert technicians at our location. We ship these replacement printers and parts out to your various sites as needed, on-demand, throughout the United States. These customized plans are perfect for companies with a large network of locations across the country, and for companies with a mix of critical and non-critical thermal printers.

No matter what the needs of your company may be, BCI can create a contract that will be a perfect fit. To discuss your options, contact us with the form below, or by calling (847) 615-2933 today.