RFID Library Management and RFID Education Solutions

RFID and bar code solutions greatly reduce the time and errors associated with tracking books in the library environment. These solutions can be seen at Public Libraries across the country as well in schools and universities. RFID in particular, offers fast and accurate tracking abilities that can be used for automated check out, check in, inventory verification and even greater counter functionality to find misplaced books. Whether bar code or RFID, a library will see reduced time managing books while increasing book tracking accuracy.

RFID Library Management and RFID Education Solution Benefits:

• Self-checkout: RFID makes self-checkout easy and quick for patrons to use
• Tremendous time and cost savings from RFID inventory management. High-speed procedures for inventory and identifying out-of-order items.
• Improve security systems. RFID technology for anti-theif detection is innovative and safe.
• RFID reduces check-out time. The whole group of media can be checked out at the same time by placing them on the RFID pad together instead of scanning each item individually.
• Long Life Span – RFID Tags have a longer life span than bar codes
• RFID tags replace both the EM security strips and Barcod.

RFID Technology can also be used for keyless Building and Room Entry Systems. RFID cards and RFID reads by certain doors and entryways in Libraries schools and Universities, can be used to eliminate keys and provide easy access for buildings and rooms. Universities in big cities use RFID Student Cards each with access depending on class load to reduce unwanted traffic in University Buildings.

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Video on RFID for Published Books by Bindtech, Provided by SATO

This video explains the Bindtech manufacturing process for books with the SmartGaurd RFID tag. While this video is not about a specific RFID Library solution, we have posted it here because applications like this one by Bindtech and SATO will lead to RFID solutions for Libraries everywhere. Most Libraries will tag and label their materials on their own but having books manufactured with RFID tags will help to make the process more efficient.