RFID Label and Tagging Solutions

With multiple strategic partners in the RFID field, BCI can be your source for complete RFID solutions. BCI can provide RFID labels and tags, RFID tracking and encoding software, RFID printers/encoders, and systems design and support.

RFID Labels and Tags

RFID smart labels are becoming a more popular method of product identification. Many companies are beginning to use RFID labels to track the movement of products throughout the supply chain.

BCI can supply RFID tags of various materials, shapes, and sizes. BCI can also provide labels with RFID inlays, either blank or pre-printed.

RFID Software

Whether you need RFID asset tracking management software or simply software to encode RFID inlays as you print labels, BCI can provide a software solution for your needs.

RFID Printers and Encoders

There are many options available for RFID label printing. Many Thermal printers are made RFID ready or can be upgraded to RFID capabilities in the future. There are also RFID auto-applicators available. Whether you are ready for RFID now are simply want to be able to upgrade to the technology in the future there is a printer for you.

Systems Design and Support

In addition, BCI also has a well-trained staff of engineers to provide for systems design, integration, and support. BCI company that will provide solutions and support to last.