Patient Tracking Systems, RFID Patient Tracking and Health Management Systems

Patient tracking systems ensure that the right patient is always matched with the right medical history, medications, and doctor’s instructions, which is critical to providing the best care possible. Health management systems and patient tracking systems are rapidly adopting bar codes and RFID technology. RFID patient tracking systems provide real-time, accurate information pertaining to patient medical information, medications, treatment procedures, MDS 3.0 requirements, bed management, and much more. Complete and accurate data means complete and accurate billing at check-out because all the products and services have been captured at the point they were administered. Facilities with high patient volumes need the best health management systems and patient tracking systems available.

Patient Tracking Systems Benefits

  • Improve Patient Care
  • Automate MDS 3.0 Assessments
  • Improve Health Management Systems – especially for high volume facilities
  • Automate Medication Administration
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual patient tracking systems and transfers
  • Reduce Costs and Liability
  • Reduce Adverse Drug Events
  • Increase Staff Availability to Patients and Family
  • Reduce Medical Errors

Bar code and RFID technology are ideal for the healthcare industry. With RFID patient tracking systems, patients with RFID tags can be given specific access to certain areas and restricted and monitored by others. In facilities, an RFID reader or fixed bar code scanner can be placed to control elevator use or locked door entry. Using disinfectant-ready healthcare mobile computers designed for the healthcare care industry, like Motorola’s MC55A0-HC, staff can quickly access patient information, and medical records, verify pharmaceuticals for accurate medication administration and accurately record information. Bar code and or RFID Patient tracking systems and health management systems will continue to advance and allow hospitals, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes, to provide the best patient care possible.

Patient Wristband Printing Solutions

BCI teams up with its long-time partner Zebra Technologies to offer a cost-effective patient wristband printing solution. With the Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer, patient wristbands can be quickly and easily printed. The HC100 wristband printer makes loading wristbands as easy as adding bread to a toaster with the easy-to-handle wristband cartridges. With the Zebra patient, wristband solution facilities can further improve the return on investment (ROI) from a bar code or RFID patient tracking system.