On-Site Employee Training for Wireless, Bar Code, and RFID Hardware

An important part of every data collection solution is training the end users. The warehouse, manufacturing, or nursing staff are the ones who actually will use the hardware on a day-to-day basis. Successful data collection integration involves training the staff to properly and efficiently use the hardware.

BCI engineers provide two forms of on-site employee training: full employee staff training and “Train the Trainer” instruction.

Employee training

– A BCI engineer will train all employee staff members in groups. The training covers basic concepts of how to operate the mobile devices provided. Use of the keypad, display and accessories are discussed. The BCI engineer also provides detailed information on how to operate the application provided. Our on-site employee training services will ensure that all members of your staff fully understand how to use the hardware and properly complete the desired application.

“Train the Trainer”

– This type of instruction is intended for managers and other people responsible for maintaining mobile devices and applications on a day-to-day basis. The “Trainer” will be shown the proper use of the hardware and how to complete various actions. BCI will cover common issues that end users experience and how to resolve them. This instruction covers rebooting units, basic equipment and software problem resolution, and who to contact if more difficult issues arise.

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