NiceWatch Enterprise

NiceWatch Enterprise is a server based application that can automate your label printing operations without changing your current applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Enterprise-level integration middleware: NiceWatch Enterprise is a software module that connects directly with your business system and does not require any programming or code changes of your existing system. It painlessly adds label printing to operations which have no labeling capability.
  • Server-based solution: The server-based solution lets existing applications and systems initiate label printing from a central location. This simplifies the upkeep and management of the system.
  • User-friendly label designer : The graphical designer helps you change label templates in minutes with no programming knowledge.
  • Multi-threaded printing technology: Multi-threaded printing allows for several print jobs to be processed at once. When several printers are connected to one instance of NiceWatch Server, they receive their print streams at the same time instead of queuing. This provides much higher performance under high load conditions.

Solution Operation

NiceWatch Enterprise is a server application for centralized automatic label printing. It controls printing across the company from a single installation and maintenance location. A detailed overview and control of the whole printer network and executive reports help you optimize the use of printing resources and identify error-prone locations.

All printers in your organization are connected to this single location. NiceWatch Enterprise maintains several triggers, each overseeing a storage location or communication channel. When expected data is stored or sent in the system, NiceWatch Server intercepts the data and prints it on predesigned labels on the appropriate printer.

Real time printer status monitoring and an alerting system minimize the risk of prolonged production line stalls. They ensure that you are immediately notified about label printing errors which are likely to slow or interrupt production.

Solution components

The production module for enterprise-level centralized label printing integration.

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Enterprise Print Manager

The enterprise module for a remote printer, print queue, event, and alert management

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NiceLabel Pro

Fully-featured labeling software for professional bar code and RFID label design and printing.

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