NiceLabel Print Center

Local design and printing clients provide the expected access limitations and security. Workstation labeling activity is centrally logged and managed, providing environments which require label printing on local platforms with the management benefits of server-based systems.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Central printer status control: Use the Enterprise Print Manager application to monitor your printer network. All printers and the printing stations are transparently displayed in a globally accessible Web interface, allowing you to look into the status and past activity of any individual printer.
  • Centralized print job management: In addition to printer status control, the Enterprise Print manager offers direct print job management. Queued print jobs can be canceled or redirected from one printer to another, completed print jobs can be reprinted, the activity of printers is displayed in chart reports, etc.
  • Client-based label design and printing: Label design and printing can be performed at any client workstation on your network. This provides rugged independence from the central system, protecting the activity of label printing from network or server failures.
  • Advanced alert system: Status changes and printing problems, based both on software and hardware, have a significant impact on the labeling process, and subsequently, production. The advanced alerting system offers the shortest possible response time to errors in the label printing system.

Solution Components

Enterprise Print Manager

NiceLabel Enterprise Print Manager is the enterprise module for remote printers, print queues, event, and alert management.

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NiceLabel Suite

The NiceLabel Suite represents a scaleable, fully-featured, modular labeling solution for label design, integration, and professional printing requirements.