NiceLabel Express Basic

NiceLabel Express is basic bar code label design software by Niceware International. This software is perfect for entry-level professional label design. Express includes many design elements from the professional version with a focus on simplified user interaction. NiceLabel Express has limited support for variable fields and external data import functions.

Designing labels with NiceLabel Express is fast and easy with user-friendly Wizards and shortcuts. It includes all basic label design tools and support for prompted fields, serialization, date/time stamps, and all standard bar code types, including 2-D and EAN.UCC 128. Data from external sources can be extracted from MS Excel or ASCII text files using a built-in Database Wizard.

NiceLabel Standard Series Options

NiceLabel Pro, Suite, and Express are all a part of the NiceLabel Standard Series. This chart will help and the video will help determine which option is best for various applications.

NiceLabel Version Label
Integration and
Suite 5 5 4 3
Pro 5 3 3 3
Express 2 2 N/A N/A

NiceLabel Series Comparison: A scale of 1-5 shows the level of recommendation of each version per application.

Introduction to NiceLabel Series Video by Niceware International

NiceLabel Pro Label Design- Niceware Webinar