Motorola MSP – Mobility Services Platform – Device Management

Motorola MSP (Mobility Services Platform) is a comprehensive device management solution for Motorola and Non-Motorola devices. With Motorola MSP companies can control ten to thousands of mobile computers around the world from a single site. Regardless of the type of device, operating system, manufacturer, or location Motorola MSP provides a centralized device management solution. Devices can be ready to use the moment they are turned on due to features such as automatic staging. Day-to-day operations and device updates are simplified with easy-to-set policies that keep the firmware, operating systems, applications, and configurations up to date. Motorola MSO is certainly an extremely comprehensive mobility services platform.

Features and Benefits of Motorola MSP for Device Management

Rapid deployment – Mobile device management tools to allow users to be up and running ASAP.

Automatic software updates/rollouts – Contains sophisticated tools to control updates pushed to each device or various groups.

Administrator-controlled updates – Allows administrators to specify conditions and rules for downloading and installing updates to devices. Administrators Can restrict updates to when devices are not in use if desired and have other tools for advanced device management.

Device management over WiFi and cellular – Automatic check-point restart mechanism ensures optimal use of intermittent connections by restarting downloads from the point of interruption

Real-time remote control – Allows IT staff to take complete control over the remote device.

Broad device support – not specific to Motorola devices. True device management for companies using multiple device manufacturers.

GPS location support – Allows for device tracking over time

Customizable web-based UI – Highly customizable, intuitive, web-based console UI.

Automatic lock and wipe for missing devices – Automatically locks (optionally wipes) any devices that have not reported to MSP in the pre-set time frame. Provides enhanced data security.

Usage analytics on devices, WiFi, cellular, batteries, and GPS metrics – A great device management tool to increase the lifespan of mobile devices and improve worker efficiency.

LDAP integration and UI access control –Eliminates the need to issue a separate user ID and password to administrators, preserving the integrity of the active directory and improving network security.

Customizable mobile device identifiers – Enables easy location of devices and granular definition of device groupings for monitoring and analysis.

Dynamic deployment – Allows for automated mass deployment of configurations that required unique information such as user names and passwords.