Mobile Printing Solutions for Businesses on the Go

Zebra’s mobile printers provide numerous benefits including improved customer service and employee productivity. Wireless mobile printing applications can be found in many places including in the warehouse tied to WMS Solutions for order picking procedures or out in the field for direct store delivery solutions. Zebra offers a wide range of mobile thermal printers to provide users with on-demand printing where ever they may be.

Zebra mobile printing solutions are an excellent fit for warehouse order picking applications. With Zebra’s mobile printers order pickers can print labels on demand and save time and confusion.

Below you will find more details regarding the benefits of mobile printing applications, a listing of Zebra’s mobile printer product line, and case study details from an application BCI implemented for Echo Inc.

The P4T is the only thermal transfer mobile printer available from Zebra Technologies. All other mobile printers are made for direct thermal printing only. All mobile printers are only available with 203 dpi.

BCI and Zebra’s Mobile Printing Case Study

BCI and Zebra Technologies have completed a very successful mobile printing project for ECHO Inc., a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of professional-grade hand-held outdoor power equipment for both the commercial and residential markets.

With Zebra Mobile Printers ECHO has Shown:

• 35% Improvement in Efficiency in the Order Picking Process
• 99.9% Order Picking Accuracy

Zebra’s mobile printers are mounted onto forklift trucks and communicate to handheld computers via Bluetooth. An ECHO order picker is responsible for picking and labeling numerous orders simultaneously. When the employee picks an item they will scan it with the mobile computer for confirmation. If it is the correct item a label will be printed on the mobile printer. The label can then immediately be applied to the item and it is placed in a designated bin. Previously labels for all items of multiple orders were printed by the employee before going onto the floor. The old method was subject to labeling errors, confusion, and a much slower order-picking process. With Zebra’s mobile printers the picking and labeling accuracy has improved dramatically and the efficiency of order pickers has greatly increased.

To optimize its entire system, ECHO enlisted the help of BCI’s integration team. BCI not only helped integrate the Zebra printers into the mobile computers and existing systems but also provided a wireless site survey to help maximize coverage throughout the warehouse. BCI continues to work with ECHO Inc. today.

ECHO Inc. Achieves 99.9 Distribution Accuracy, Better Customer Service With Mobile Printing
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Zebra Whitepaper – Understanding Mobile Printing Technology