Care Perform® for Durable and Home Medical Equipment Distribution

Airclic’s Care Perform® is a medical equipment distribution management solution that replaces paper-based pick-up and delivery processes with digital manifests on a period of devices. This enables drivers to complete and document critical tasks electronically and provides back office managers with real-time visibility into the healthcare distribution process.

Medical equipment distribution companies can leverage Care Perform to improve productivity, capture accurate delivery documentation and shorten the billing cycle – resulting in superior patient service and improved business performance.

Care Perform works on any wireless device and any carrier. This universal access allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy the product across the enterprise.

Care Perform® offers proven and measureable benefits:

  • 360-degree insight into the pick-up and delivery process
  • Major reduction in paper-handling costs and other operational expenses
  • Increased driver productivity
  • Improved cash flow through shorter billing cycles and accurate invoices
  • Increased order accuracy and reduced returns
  • Auditable regulatory and insurance complianc
  • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Asset tracking of medical equipment and supplies via barcode serial numbers and configurable data screens
  • Configurability for compliance with HIPAA
  • Patient/customer insurance data
  • Co-pay collection flags
  • Electronic manifest and work order management
  • Integrated barcode scanning and electronic signature capture
  • Complete tracking to monitor all product, service, and deployed assets, including vehicles and equipment, as well as goods/services
  • Tracking of non-service activities such as breaks, meals, fueling, etc.
  • Exception tracking
  • Driver messaging through real-time communications and synchronizations
  • Real-time work order status for customer service and direct access for customers via Web interfaces
  • Key performance metrics, including productivity, time management, mileage, operational compliance and safety inspection
  • Optional GPS capability
  • Payment tracking and customizable receipt printing