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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the supply chain infrastructure for lab sample transportation and tracking could not meet skyrocketing demands. Even today, the systems in place are proving inadequate in handling the tens of thousands of deliveries, and their associated data, taken each day. Today, more than ever the safe and secure delivery of lab samples and specimens are crucial to patient care; any lost, damaged or delayed shipment may result in catastrophic life or death outcomes.

That is why Bar Code Integrators (BCI) has teamed up with industry leaders ShipTrack and Zebra Technologies to create a simple and cost-effective solution, specifically designed to automate lab specimen collection and delivery tracking for medical laboratories and healthcare couriers everywhere. If you are among the thousands of Laboratories and Healthcare providers who depend on the safe and secure delivery of medical specimens, vaccines, prescription drugs or medical supplies, do not settle for anything less than the best technology available from BCI.

Here are just a few of the benefits ShipTrack from BCI provides:

lab sample tracking software Quick Implementation and Go Live

Our experienced staff can have you up and running in as little as a few days and our intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application makes user onboarding quick and painless.

lab tracking software Automated Chain of Custody, Proof of Delivery, and Digital Workflows

Our software gives real-time visibility and traceability into samples’ status. with automated proof-of-delivery and digital workflows, eliminating the burdens of human error and labor costs.

lab tracking software Anonymous Data Collection

With ShipTrack, lab specimens, samples, and data collection are kept completely anonymous. Patients are associated with a randomized barcode. This unique barcode makes identifying, tracking and managing samples easy.

Key Features of ShipTrack from BCI:

lab sample tracking software  Administration portal with point-and-click management of workflows

lab sample tracking software  Reporting and data analytics to monitor operational performance

lab sample tracking software  Dispatch portal providing real-time, visual data into collection operations

lab sample tracking software  Route optimization ensures time-sensitive specimens arrive safely and on time

lab sample tracking software  Tracking solutions provide visibility into the progress of shipments in real-time

lab sample tracking software  Automated proof-of-delivery provides electronic notification and a record of delivery

lab sample tracking software  Protection of patient privacy and anonymity

Software and Hardware Configuration and Installation

The logistics of transporting and tracking lab samples successfully requires the right combination of software and hardware. Let BCI, ShipTrack, and Zebra pave the way with best-of-breed technology specifically designed to optimize your supply chain from end to end.

Zebra: The Hardware That Meets Demand

In order to meet unprecedented demand, it is essential to have the best hardware available. When you choose the Zebra TC52x/TC57x, you get our best-selling rugged handheld mobile computer — and more.

Features Designed for The User

lab sample tracking software  5-inch Full HD touchscreen

lab sample tracking software  Advanced scan engine

lab sample tracking software  14 hours of battery power

lab sample tracking software  Compact size yet has a powerful processor

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