Mobile Device and WLAN/WWAN Management with Ivanti Avalanche

Ivanti Avalanche is a comprehensive vendor-agnostic wireless infrastructure and device management solution that provides tremendous visibility and control from a central console. With Avalanche the configuration, deployment, and management of wireless networks are simplified. The added flexibility to support a wide range of mobile devices and infrastructure sets Ivanti’s solution apart from many others. This vendor-agnostic feature has made Avalanche a preferred choice for many companies.

Benefits for Ivanti Avalanche

  • Improved Productivity of Mobile Workers
  • Increased Network Security
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Mobile Devices and Peripherals
  • Easy-to-Use Web-based Console
  • Independent, Full-featured Support for Devices from Multiple Vendors
  • Simplify Device Deployment

Additional Plug-ins for Advanced Needs

With the additional options, available Ivanti provides an extremely comprehensive and flexible solution set for wireless management.

  • Avalanche SecurePlus – Will extend device and data protection.
  • Avalanche Remote Control – Will provide remote troubleshooting.

Ivanti Avalanche Video

Ivanti Avalanche HD

Ivanti Avalanche Features

  • Simplified Software Distribution and Update Control
  • Scan and Configure for Streamlined Device Deployment
  • Profile-Based Management for different network and configuration groups
  • Advanced security features
  • Automated mobile device and data protection & encryption
  • Advanced mobile help desk tools
  • Agnostic support of a wide variety of mobile devices
  • Asset tracking
  • Alert notification and Statistics & Custom Reporting

and many more features!