Inventory and Tracking

BCI RFID inventory tracking is 100% compatible with handheld RFID readers. Users can scan and upload inventory data directly to the dashboard as often as desired. Quickly locate specific inventory wirelessly by using handheld RFID scanner Geiger / proximity finder or look on the cloud dashboard map. Additionally, fixed RFID readers can be installed in various areas, to repeatedly read and log inventory movements all the time.

See the details of inventory discrepancies between your ERP / WHM / POS software, in comparison to the RFID inventory. You can also set automated replenishment alerts by setting the expected inventory quantities, and receive real-time alerts.


Visual Map View of Inventory

With an easy 5-minute map setup, you can have a visual map view of where inventory items are located on the floor plan. Our partner’s proprietary mapping technology auto-detects misplaced items, and shows where they are in real-time, and where they need to be returned to.