Intermec LabelShop 8 Label Design Software

***LabelShop is Discontinued. This Software is no longer available. Teklynx CodeSoft Label Software is forward compatible with LabelShop Software. All labels designed on LabelShop can be used in CodeSoft. Labels designed and printed in CodeSoft can not be used in LabelShop. Contact us if you currently have LabelShop and have questions or need assistance finding replacement software.***

LabelShop is excellent bar code label design software developed by Intermec. LabelShop 8 is the most recent update for the LabelShop software. Intermec has developed a user-friendly interface which combines powerful Windows based commands with graphic flexibility to rotate, mirror and scale graphics.

LabelShop 8 guides users through the label design and printing process allowing for quick and easy in-house label printing procedures. By allowing users to display multiple labels, cut and paste, or drag and drop objects between labels, LabelShop 8 is truly easy to use label design software. Objects can also be linked to other applications like Clip Art and spread sheet data

Intermec’s family of LabelShop software offers a suite of choices for the needs of small businesses or large companies running printers through a network. LabelShop label design software can be used in almost any application and provides excellent management tools.

LabelShop 8 – Label Design Software Features

Windows 7 Support and Technical Upgrade Path

Windows 7 support is NOT available for any LabelShop products. LabelShop software (versions 6 and 8) is based on CODESOFT software by TEKLYNX. TEKLYNX offers a label design software upgrade path and integration for LabelShop Start, Ultra and PRO through CODESOFT 9 allowing for full Windows 7 integration.