Intellitrack Stockroom Inventory

Perpetual Inventory Software by IntelliTrack

Stockroom inventory software provides an efficient and cost-effective method for tracking consumable inventory with mobile computers and barcodes. As a perpetual inventory system, IntelliTrack Stockroom controls the receipt and issuance of consumable goods into inventory, allowing you to determine the quantity on hand. In addition, the software automates routine physical inventories so you can easily take and reconcile physical counts with book inventory.

When you receive consumable inventory, you can simply scan its barcode to receive it into the system and increase book inventory levels. You can also enter the cost to manage inventory by each item’s value. When you issue inventory to departments or persons, scan again to reduce the inventory level. IntelliTrack Stockroom collects data and provides comprehensive reports about item location, recipient, serial numbers, lot expiration dates, cost, and more.

See a list of situations where Stockroom inventory software has saved money and streamlined operations.

Features of IntelliTrack DMS Stockroom inventory software:

  • Easy to use and maintain inventory in a variety of business environments
  • Customize IntelliTrack® in MS Access 2007
  • Integrated bar code printing
  • Windows Mobile and Pocket PC portable bar code reader support
  • Embed pictures in your database
  • Cost Tracking
  • SQL Express database to manage unlimited inventory items
  • Concurrent user licensing for PC/Workstations
  • Wireless-ready support

Stockroom inventory software supports many companies that need a stand-alone receipt and issues an inventory control system. Any company that wants to track items within its four walls can use Stockroom Inventory. To integrate inventory with purchase orders and sales orders, IntelliTrack recommends Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, and Picking (ISRP) software or a Warehouse Management System (WMS).


IntelliTrack DMS is available in a Lite version for smaller inventories. DMS Lite Software allows you to benefit from the full software version for half the cost. Check In-Out Lite and Fixed Assets Lite are limited to 500 items in inventory at a time and do not include wireless features. Stockroom Lite and Inventory Lite are limited to 100 items in inventory and do not include wireless features. Click here to learn more