RFID Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Radio frequency identification technology, commonly called RFID, is making a major impact on the health care industry. With RFID tags or chips attached to both people and objects, RFID technology can provide identification, tracking, location, security, and other beneficial capabilities. RFID technology can significantly impact major issues currently experienced by healthcare organizations while also greatly reducing costs.

In the healthcare field, hospitals, other medical facilities, and pharmaceutical companies are employing RFID to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing and reduce medical errors using track and trace applications.

In the Pharmaceutical field, companies are exploring RFID technology and its potential for collecting pedigree data, as well as examining other potential uses, including reducing counterfeiting and theft and improving shipping accuracy. Let BCI help you learn how RFID is impacting ROI in the healthcare environment, and also improving efficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

There are 4 main areas benefiting from RFID technology in the health care and pharmaceutical industry:


RFID Asset Management

RFID Asset Management – being able to locate a mobile asset at all times results in better asset utilization which reduces procurement and leases and dramatically reduces the amount of time your valuable staff spends searching for equipment.

RFID Inventory Management

RFID Inventory Management – being able to identify what you actually have in your current inventory and where that inventory is being consumed reduces out-of-stock situations and the amount of consumables not being billed to a patient.

RFID Patient Care

RFID Patient Care – being able to correctly identify a patient and know where that patient is at all times results in improved safety and bed placement.

RFID Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

RFID Pharmaceutical Track and Trace – E-Pedigree Track and Trace Solutions provide the ability to track the chain of custody of prescription drugs throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain, meet pedigree compliance needs, increase visibility, and improve efficiency.