Freight Logistics and Tracking

BCI Inc. partners with Airclic and many other strategic technology-based companies to provide solutions for the freight industry that increase efficiency and reduce costs. The freight industry operates under extremely intense, time-sensitive schedules that can be dramatically affected by the slightest inefficiencies or operational errors. In order to reduce these risks, BCI can provide software technology products that can automate critical mobile processes such as truck inspection, load reconciliation, route management, proof-of-delivery, SLA compliance, real-time inventory management, and asset management tracking.

BCI’s mobile software and hardware solutions deliver intelligent workflow processing that has the ability to track the entire delivery process and seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing infrastructure. With advanced functionality designed specifically for the freight industry, BCI’s solutions are SaaS-based and hardware agnostic. This way, freight businesses can implement their solution quickly and affordably, knowing it won’t become obsolete as new devices are introduced.

Our customers, large and small, are freight organizations with the same problems. BCI helps them to get the job done faster and cheaper.