In the past half-century, the food and beverage industry has evolved from a collection of mom-and-pop operations to a trillion-dollar powerhouse led by huge international corporations.

Companies can minimize loss and increase effiency in manufacturing and distribution of food products with the integration of bar code scanning systems that automatically capture data.

compliance labeling in action at the grocery for food

Compliance Labeling

Many organizations face strict labeling compliance standards. BCI can help design and implement label printing and RFID tagging solutions that will meet compliance standards and ensure your organization is easy to do business with.

food tracking systems with rfid and barcodes

Food Tracking Systems

RFID technology and bar code solutions are leading the way for use in Track and Trace applications aimed at improving visibility and efficiency within the food industry.

direct store delivery solutions optimizing delivery and invoicing

Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery Solutions (DSD Solutions) will optimize invoice, delivery, inventory, ordering, and even settlement processes by combining mobile computers with software applications and portable thermal printers.

voice recognition technology in action at warehouse

Voice Recognition

The most common application of Voice Technology in a warehouse environment is voice picking. This is mainly due to the improved accuracy and productivity that voice technology brings to order picking procedures, resulting in a fast return on investment.