ERPLabel for mySAP Business Suite

ERPLabel™ from Intermec provides an easy way to add local or remote barcode label printing to mySAP Business Suite. As a “plug-in” software module for Intermec’s LabelShop® PRO, ERPLabel adds the interface for mySAP Business Suite systems. ERPLabel creates label files that are imported into SAPscript® and can be used without any further actions or editing.

ERPLabel can be used with any SAP enterprise system independent of the operating system. System Integrators as well as customers will appreciate the ease of implementation and extensive barcode support without having to learn printer command language, or use bar code libraries or barcode fonts.

Using a Wizard resident in the ERPLabel program, users will be able to design labels that include text, graphics, bar codes, lines, and boxes with a full WYSIWYG view. ERPLabel supports a wide range of 1D and 2D symbologies.

After designing the label using Intermec’sLabelShop software, only three simple steps are necessary to print labels through the SAP Business Suite system:

1. Store the output file in an SAP-specific file format

2. Import the file into the SAPscript report

3. Define the printer in the SAP system and print on your Intermec printer

ERPLabel is compatible with a wide range of both new and legacy Intermec EasyCoder printers.