EasyPick Inventory Management Solution

Introducing EasyPick, a mobile picking application, built by warehouse management system (WMS) implementation experts, for easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, and highly efficient inventory management solution. EasyPick targets customers looking for an intuitive and cost-efficient automated mobile picking application to handle the end-to-end material movement of order fulfillment operations.

The Inspiration

Solving supply chain challenges through automation and technology has been a consistent theme at BCI. Since 2008, the creators of EasyPick have transformed customers’ order fulfillment operations through successful WMS implementations and supply chain solutions. They have packaged these experiences, implementations, and solutions into EasyPick, creating a highly intelligent and robust mobile application loaded with expertise and best practices in the supply chain space.

Why EasyPick?

EasyPick is a lightweight, automated handheld tool with robust features that provides a solution to complex and common material movement challenges in the warehouse.

A key focus in most order fulfillment operations involves meeting customer demands by improving material movement processes. Challenges include too many manual processes, inaccurate inventory, unreliable and costly labor, constantly evolving customer requirements, and more. EasyPick streamlines and automates mobile order fulfillment transactions, making it EASY and efficient for warehouse operators to do their job, offering several benefits including:

  • System-directed mobile transactions
  • Paperless work dispatching – personalized pick lists and tasks are on the mobile device
  • Inventory accuracy focused – system driven tasks with validation steps
  • Modernized user experience – Voice prompts and SKU images
  • Built-in workflows targeting complex use cases
  • Zero separation between physical material movement & real-time system transactions


EasyPick offers an adaptive user interface with picking productivity analytics and multiple optimized workflows. The progressive web app is optimized for phones, tablets and PCs and can easily be extended to suit customer needs.

  • Mobile Pick:
    • Multiple pick workflows (order, cluster, wave)
    • Paperless dispatch by scanning off pick board
    • Pick exception management (short pick, defer pick)
    • Lot and serial capture
  • Pack & Quality
    • Multiple options for shipment verification (by container or by shipment)
    • System-driven capture quality attributes (Inspection form, photographs, GPS coordinates)
  • Ship & Manifest:
    • System-directed drop location for manifesting
    • Seamless integration into ordering and manifesting systems
  • Visibility Dashboards:
    • Real-time pick task details
    • Built-in data analytics and reporting tools
    • View Pending work, Transaction Summary and detailed activity logs
  • Automatic event logging & Online help

Hardware & Integration

EasyPick is a progressive web application and can be installed easily with a simple QR code scan. It offers a seamless integration with:

  • A wide variety of handheld devices and printers typically used in warehouses
  • Mobile devices – consumer phones or tablets with scanners

  • ERP Integrations – Integrates with several leading ERP systems, such as Oracle, as well as legacy applications

  • Integration with labeling and manifesting systems


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