Order Perform Distribution Software for Delivery Automation

Airclic’s Order Perform is a distribution software to help delivery drivers improve efficiency, customer service. Order Perform will automate your processes and ensure you have real-time visibility, tracking, and management of your distribution operations. Distributors can leverage this insight to improve the efficiencies and productivity of their distribution operations to ultimately shrink costs, improve the speed of deliveries and increase customer satisfaction, retention and sales.

With Airclic’s Order Perform and mobile computers and printers, workers can scan orders to validate shipments, print documents on the road, collect signatures, and more.

Benefits of Airclic's Order Perform

BCI and Airclic for Software Integration

BCI and Airclic will work directly with you to accurately integrate Order Perform into your existing systems. BCI will also add the added value of hardware options and integration as well as custom programming and additional integration experience.

Mobile Computers and Printers

· Order Validation
· Electronic signature capture
· Camera
· Wireless Connectivity for Real-Time transactional abilities
· Update Customer and Order Information
· Print Invoices, PO’s, Receipts, and other documents on the road
· GPS Functions

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