In a distribution center, labels are used for many different applications. Cases have labels. Pallets have labels. When items in an order are packed together, there is a shipping label and a packing list to keep everything organized.

Selecting the right labeling solution for each application can save time, money and unnecessary overhead. Here are a few ways BCI can help you increase efficiency at your distribution center.

Case and Pallet Labels

Pallet and case labels often consist of pre-printed instruction labels (i.e. Fragile, Warning, Do Not Stack, etc.) They can also be printed on blank label stock using label design software that references a pre-designed template. Regardless of the specific need, our experienced staff will help you select the best labeling solution for all of the cases and pallets you distribute.

Packing List Label Solution for Packing Slips

Packing slips can be a time-consuming process for any distribution center. For most applications, a packing list is composed and printed on standard paper stock then folded numerous times and placed in a slip. The slip is then applied to the shipping package.

This whole process can take 30 seconds to a few minutes per package. BCI offers a solution in which packing slips can be applied to a package in just a few seconds without compromising accuracy. Call us today to learn more about our streamlined packing slip process.

Distribution labels are just one of our many labeling services. Discover how BCI can help you with all of your labeling needs from warehouse sign design to finding the right ribbons.