Direct Store Delivery Solutions (DSD Solutions)

Direct Store Delivery Solutions (DSD Solutions) will optimize invoice, delivery, inventory, ordering, and even settlement processes by combining mobile computers with software applications and mobile printers. BCI’s Direct Store Delivery solutions allow field personnel to quickly deliver goods and manage inventory while increasing accuracy for reduced shrinkage. With full-service capabilities, you’re able to track goods from delivery dispatch to onsite servicing to end-of-day route reconciliation.

Increase route efficiencies by printing on the road, in the truck, or at your customer’s location with mobile bar code label printers. Route sales representatives equipped with mobile printers can verify and print invoices on-site and cut days out of your billing cycle. Handheld mobile computers can be used for communication, GPS, collecting signatures, and uploading and downloading instructions or customer files remotely and securely, without requiring docking cradles, through BCI wireless connectivity. Our DSD solutions allow suppliers to run more accurate, efficient, and profitable operations.