Barcode and RFID Compliance Labeling Solutions

Barcode labeling and radio frequency identification (RFID) compliance requirements can be daunting. Mistakes can cost money and a company’s reputation. BCI has helped numerous companies comply with the latest industry requirements. BCI develops complete labeling solutions to meet compliance labeling requirements – from selecting label printers and label design software, to integration services, and even providing quality label printing supplies.

Barcode and RFID compliance standards are prevalent because they provide cost savings throughout the supply chain. The cost reduction achieved through compliance labeling is driving even small industries to adopt barcode and RFID compliance standards. All manufacturers must be concerned about compliance labeling to remain competitive in their industry. Failure to meet compliance labeling standards is typically penalized with fines, return of product, or even the loss of a valued retailer or customer.

Benefits of BCI’s Compliance Labeling Solutions

· Reduce costs of meeting requirements
· Standardize data collection within your operations
· Retain valued business partnerships and customers
· Avoid noncompliance fines
· Prepare for anticipated labeling compliance standards

Compliance Labeling Standards

The fact is that so many industries have compliance labeling standards, and more companies are required to utilize barcode or RFID labels for outbound shipments. As we move into the future, this statement increases in validity, regardless of the industry. Compliance labeling standards are issued so that the entire supply chain across multiple companies can implement similar label printing, barcode, and RFID data collection systems that will create operational efficiencies and improve accuracy.

High-profile compliance labeling standards exist in the automotive, retail, aerospace, and other industries. You might be familiar with the Walmart and DoD RFID mandates. Even smaller industries are introducing compliance labeling standards because of the cost savings that can be achieved throughout the supply chain.

Effective compliance labeling solutions require consistent print quality on every label and the reliability of a printer that won’t suspend operations. The consequences of ineffective systems could not only result in unwanted fines but could also eliminate valuable business partnerships. Whether the goal is to meet a current compliance labeling standard or prepare for an anticipated one, BCI will work hard to ensure successful systems are implemented.