Asset Tracking and Asset Management Solutions

Most organizational best practices include the tracking and maintaining of fixed assets. Often times this is accomplished using a cumbersome and time-consuming manual process. Asset tracking solutions automate this process through bar coding or RFID technology. An asset tracking system can record the location and usage of the assets and generate various reports. By integrating an automatic data capture hardware and software solution, organizations are able to see swift ROIs as the new streamlined process reduces the cost of monitoring assets, locations, and maintenance schedules. In addition, these tools provide reporting and reconciliation functions that enhance accuracy and provide important required accounting information.

Asset Tracking Benefits

  • Increase visibility of asset status and location
  • Real-time data – Knowing how many assets you have and where they are in real time will ensure greater accuracy of asset compliance audits. Automating inventory tracking to streamline restocking of high value merchandise for business partners will show existing and potential new clients your organization is dedicated to their best interests.
  • Improve productivity and supply chain efficiency
  • Track progress automatically – Track the location of an asset as it moves between various departments. For example, automatically track a new asset from Receiving to the next location awaiting installation, and then track deployment to its final location.
  • Reduce asset loss
  • Reduce costs – Track and manage the maintenance of high value assets with automated monitoring of assets and reminders of maintenance scheduling. Increase the life of assets and eliminate unnecessary costs due to missed maintenance.

Asset tracking solutions can involve bar code scanning, RFID technology or both. It comes down to the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish the goals of a given company. RFID technology is more expensive than bar code technology, but has its advantages and in some cases it can provide a quicker ROI. There are circumstances in which BCI has recommends using bar codes over RFID and vice versa. The final decision is always up to the end user and our team will always present options that are within the budget and needs of a client. Contact BCI today and together we can plan an asset tracking solution to improve productivity and reduce costs.