ASAP’s Passport WMS Warehouse Management System Software

ASAP Systems developed Passport asset tracking and Inventory Management Software to help businesses efficiently manage their warehouse management operations. While the software was not designed as a warehouse management system (WMS), Passport Stock with the addition of the Advanced Stock Inventory Module has proven to provide warehousing operations with a Simple WMS Software package (Passport WMS) that is cost-effective and affordable for small to mid-sized warehouse operations and budgets.

Passport WMS supports the day-to-day operations of small to mid-sized warehouse management systems. Passport WMS provides records of operational procedures both inside and outside of the warehouse network. Warehouse operations will benefit from the centralized automated management of data collection, tasks, and reporting features. Passport WMS helps manage stock control, shipping/receiving, order fulfillment, and overall Warehouse Management System procedures to increase efficiency and provide valuable and continual cost savings.

Features of Passport WMS Software

  • Single Warehouse or Multi Warehouses
  • Receive using Unit of Measure (UOM) Multiplier
  • User Configurable WMS Software
  • Easy to Use WMS Software
  • Create Bill Of Materials (BOM), & Inventory/Pick Lists
  • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
  • Track Receiving/Shipping
  • Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations
  • Provides Global and Local Inventory Levels
  • First In First Out (FIFO) Control
  • Generate Custom Management Reports
  • Menu Driven WMS Software
  • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or Without PO
  • Records All Items Issued by Destination
  • Passport WMS Maintains Supplier Information
  • Supports Random and Dedicated Put-away
  • Data Export via Excel, Text, HTML, etc.

Advanced Stock Inventory Module Completes Passport WMS

Passport WMS consists of the standard Passport Stock software plus the Advanced Stock Inventory module. Together the combination provides many features of a standard warehouse management system and is often referred to by clients as a “WMS Lite” software package. The Advanced Stock Inventory module accounts for the inventory tracking applications provided by full warehouse management system software packages and provides for four types of inventory tracking methods. Warehouses can set up a different products and item types to be tracked by different Inventory methods if required.

· Batch/Lot Inventory: Such as Food, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, and Production Lot Tracking.
· Serial Inventory: Such as Appliances, Electronics.
· Serial With Quantity Inventory: Such as Textile Rolls, Chemical Drums, and Totes.
· Non Inventory Items: Such as Labor Hours, Low or No Value Piece Parts.

With the Advanced Stock Inventory module Passport Stock becomes Passport WMS and is a very cost-effective and affordable Lite WMS Software package for small to mid-sized warehouse management system requirements.

Other Modules to Enhance the Warehouse Management System

ASAP Systems has developed multiple modules for the base Passport Stock and Passport Assets software. These modules provide additional functionality to enhance inventory management, asset tracking, and warehouse management system procedures. Some of the modules that will enhance the Passport WMS package include:

  • Check Out-In –Provides inventory tracking to and from set locations. Provides enhanced inventory control of various items including products, equipment, documents, people, and many other items in need of enhanced warehouse management system procedures.
  • QuickBooks Integration – Bar code-based extension of your QuickBooks, Passport fully integrates with QuickBooks 2007 and greater for QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions. Integrate ASAP’s warehouse management software to QuickBooks for accounting and financial benefits.
  • Email & Text Alerts – This allows users to set alerts pertinent to warehouse management system procedures to be sent via SMS text message to their mobile phone or email address. Improve visibility and responsiveness for all warehouse management applications.

  • RFID – Maximize your warehouse management system operations with RFID technology. Passport WMS is RFID-ready to enhance inventory control processes with powerful and advanced Radio Frequency Identification Technology.